Reply To: Don’t Feel

Jeff Harding

    Hi Jeff,

    I guess that there is no more wondering. < ;o) Thank you for responding. There is a lot of good info there. I bought the level 1 pack last night and I will be listening to the intro information over the next couple of days. As I look back over what I have written I realize that the answer might be a lot more simple than I thought it would be. Whenever we are working with anything one of the most important things is making sure that we are working with the correct premises. Gary Craig talked a lot about the handwriting on the walls in his Palace of Possibilities.
    We use those reference points for everything that we experience now.
    They become the premises that we work with in our lives.

    As you read through what I have written in my thread, what is one of the BIG premises that you see me working with?

    “All I remember from the past is the negative.
    Anger is destructive and violent.
    Sadness hurts.
    Any joy was always taken away.
    If I am numb I am safe.”

    How much would those basic premises affect my life?

    What if those premises were wrong?

    What would happen if I could change some of those basic premises?

    “All I remember from the past is the negative.” could become something like “I remember a lot of negative in my past and I know that there was a lot of positive there too.”

    “Anger is destructive and violent.” could become “There were some people in my past who responded to anger with violence. I know that I can chose to respond to anger in ways that are useful and constructive.”

    “Sadness hurts.” could become something like “With any loss there is a grieving period. Once I can let go of what I have lost I am free.”

    “Any joy was always taken away.” can become “When I was young I let others be responsible for the joy in my life. I also gave them the power to take it away. Now I know that I am responsible for the joy in my life and no one can take that away from me.”

    “If I am numb I am safe.” becomes ” if I am numb I don't get to enjoy all of the wonderful things in life. I know that life will have it's ups and downs and I know that I can easily work with the downs and really enjoy the wonderful things that life has to offer me. I chose to be open to both. I know that I am safe”

    As I said, I haven't listened to the intro on level 1 yet so I don't know how to work with that to change the old premises.

    I have studied EFT and have my advanced certification an so I know that I can change some of the premises with that.
    I believe that as I change the premises by working in partnership with the subconscious mind a lot more of the memories will come up for me, both positive and negative.
    I want to focus on the positive emotions and memories in my past so that I don't feel like I am just working with negative stuff.
    I feel like a balance is needed.
    Yes, I AM working with Cynthia's idea of thinking about things that make me smile. < :o) Once I can get in touch, even a little bit, with my emotions and know that they are not “fire breathing dragons” as Cynthia puts it, I think that others will come up and I will be able to work with them. I will be able to connect with the past issues and event emotionally and clear the ones that don't serve me.
    I will also be able to enhance the ones that do serve me.

    Through all of this I will be thanking the subconscious mind for how hard it has worked to protect me in the past and giving it different ways to serve me now.
    After all, it is my friend and we can work together to have a fun and exciting life.

    I would love to hear your thought on this approach.

    Thank you for all that you do.