Reply To: Procrastination

Jeff Harding

    Thanks for your reply, Cynthia!

    Yes, it's always related to my professional success. I avoid or procrastinate doing the things I know I need to do! I have long investigated the possibility that it is not “safe” to be successful, but I have no idea where that is coming from or why.

    I do have history of my father's lack of confidence in me (much worse, played out, than what I want to relay here), but really, I do not feel anything negative about it. I've worked on this issue for years in psycho-therapy, counseling, EFT and now PSTEC. I just can't hold on to a thought or feeling of anger over it anymore. So it's hard to even drum up enough emotion to do Click Tracks 1 & 2.

    So which program do you use for this Fear of Success — which is what I suspect it is. I don't consciously know of such a fear within me, but suspect there may be a negative tape playing in the background that I am not conscious of.

    Looking forward to hearing and learning more!

    God's peace, Dixie