Reply To: Procrastination

Jeff Harding
PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

    Hi Dixie!

    Hey, Mahalo for writing and jumping right in … the water's fine and there are plenty of lifeguards… we even serve breakfast or brunch if you prefer. :- )

    Well, you and Cynthia have hit many things on the head which shows you how unique each person's journey can be yet also how similar and that's why we can all be such a help to each other.

    Foist of all… stay tuned… there is a new program coming forth… almost sounds like a birth… from the mind of Mr. P and, I believe, it will help you in your quest because it will address 'how to use PSTEC to achieve just about anything.' So, that should be along here in a few weeks. Very cool!

    Alright, in the meantime…

    Here’s a quick tip… procrastinate your procrastination… :- )

    As I always say, if you did one click track a year, then it may take a while to notice the shifts…once a month, better… once a week, beginning to get the hint…once a day, well, with consistency and awareness, I can’t tell you all the shifts and changes that occur… it will be remarkable!

    Yes, the shifts do happen, but sometimes not right away because the subconscious is updating the mind model which it was previously based upon.

    For example, if a particular event in childhood or series of similar events in childhood… let’s say being teased by classmates … is quite defining because it makes you fearful to step out and live life in all ways. You are fearful because, through your feelings coming from the subconscious, you “know” that stepping out and taking risks in trying something new or stepping out and connecting with people in relationships, may not be safe and there is subconscious fear or a conclusion that you may be repeating that painful experience of being ridiculed.

    So, you see, when those events and feelings are neutralized, the mind must “reset” like your computer when you add a new software program. The subconscious says, ‘Hhhhmmmm, being “that” fearful does not make sense because there is no basis for that feeling any longer… so you get what Wil in the interview called the Downstream Effect… you begin to live life differently… quite often very subtly.
    Click Here for the PSTEC Interview with Wil

    So, as you work with PSTEC couple tips… little more serious ones than my first one: :- )

    • Be sure you are alternating the click tracks. If you have the two Basic free ones…alternate #1 and #2 to keep them fresh. If you have long term use of this, you might consider getting either the EEF’s or the Level 1 that has the EEF’s and then you can alternate between the two basic free tracks and the two EEF’s… not only keeping it “more fresh” but also the EEF’s are for particularly sticky issues.

    • Consider the Accelerator Package… when someone has issues with allowing feelings and memories to come forth, the Accelerators are designed to stimulate recall… to allow what you need to heal to come forth… very cool!

    • Follow Wil’s lead … just go through it without analyzing and checking it out in detail… just follow the directions to the letter and forge ahead… your mind will begin to acclimate to the process and begin working faster and faster.

    • When a memory pops up and you “assume” there are no feelings or emotions for it, run a Click Track at least once with the memory and the thought of an emotion that you think might be attached to it.

    • If you are trying to move forward in a particular manner but keep procrastinating, take one particular desire and work with that. Pick something that is not particularly difficult, for example, if you are desiring to be completely self-employed with at least a six figure business and you are struggling to make $1,000 per month, don't shoot for the stars right away. Take something “smaller” such as, get my website up or complete my mind map or business plan… in other words, take one of the first steps and put that into your PSTEC Positive and begin “training” your mind on a new way of functioning, but give it baby steps.

    Now, when you use the PSTEC Positive something may occur… something very cool! That's right, I said it, it's cool and it's an opportunity.

    The junk gets exposed.

    You see, when you are deliberately suggesting (with PSTEC Positive) something to the subconscious (sub) like this, the sub will comply or if the current Mind Model is contrary to your suggestion, the sub, very conveniently, will present to you the issues that are contrary and basically is saying, “You must comply with the current Model or change it. Your choice! What do you want to do?”

    So, watch for ALL images, memories, movies, video snippets, thoughts, beliefs, emotions, feelings, imagined events. When they come up there are emotions and/or feelings in there; it's a matter of allowing them to come through. Discard and ignore nothing… it is all relevant… DO NOT judge or comment… just take it all as grist for the PSTEC Mill.

    Match up the memory or other image in your mind with the emotion or feeling and then pull out your Click Track or EEF or Accelerator Tapping Track.

    When that is clear, plug in the PSTEC Positive again with your desire and move forward again.

    I hope that makes some sense. I gave you some perspective and some “How To.”

    So, keep clickin' at things while at the same time realize you are training your subconscious so to speak…altering the Mind Model.

    Be nice, kind and gentle with yourself… that includes your Conscious, Subconscious and Higher Self as well.

    As a good friend of mine says, “Self Examination without Self Kindness is Self Abuse.”