Reply To: Which memories do I work on?

Cynthia Hooper

    Welcome Rye!
    I am pleased you have found our forum and equally pleased you have discovered Tim's most amazing gift for us all. Please take a little time and search through some of the discussions,People are sharing wonderful experiences and it can be very inspiring to explore these sharing'. This may help with some of your questions.I find if I just focus on one memory, any one that seems relevant, that it will encompass the issue. You are connecting with the “feeling , the emotion”. Most times when I go to tap and click from here, it brings me to the 'ah-ha' core and then all slides off. I find it is good to bring the issue down to at least a two on scale one-to-ten before trying to incorporate a positive.
    We are extremely blessed to have two pro's on site who are ready to help you weave through that path you want to find and follow. Jeff Harding and Meghan Saunders each have great gifts of knowledge and both are supreme in their ability with concepts and wording, Either will be able to help you on your path so just drop a note to either. You can find links to them on the main page. I will also be glad to help also.

    The more you work with this modality the more you will find yourself empowered in all areas and find that quality of joy we all seek.

    Enjoy the ride.
    Peace, Cynthia