Reply To: Which memories do I work on?

Jeff Harding
PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

    Hi Rye,
    I was pondering a bit how to answer you for two reasons…

    First of all, you have several questions here that can be addressed by giving you some suggestions on how to use the PSTEC tools more effectively and that is coming up…

    And, I was considering just zipping those answers here and that would be the simple way for me, but, on the other hand, I believe it would perpetuate the confusion and complexity in your mind and THAT is the real issue at hand for you.

    So, let me begin with the big picture for you…

    Don't make this too complicated or approach this transformation (from being dis-empowered to being empowered) by believing that it's hard, complex, elusive or not for everyone.  Our expectations and perceptions, even if we think they are fanciful, can be a barrier or a wonderful boost on our journey.  I don't think I need to tell you which orientation will help boost you along your path, do I?

    So, look for simplicity in the ideas as well as your approach to the issues and, as you do move along and improve, look for YOUR way of thinking and living.  Yes, use the PSTEC basics and fundamentals to loosen things up, but, ultimately, the answers are within you and ALL this work (play?) is about being self-sufficient in working with your emotions, mind, beliefs and behaviors… and you will!

    Ok, so here are some hints to answer your questions…

    • Try thinking about the memories in terms of not zapping them or eliminating them; but neutralizing them… changing their priority and meaning so that they are not integral parts of your mind model that the subconscious (sub) uses to give you a perception of Life.  In other words, approach is more gently and with understanding for that part of your mind called the sub.  This approach will stir up less resistance.
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    • You do, at least in your sub mind, know which memories are important… what memories must be handled in order for you to experience the changes you desire.  So, know that you know.  :- )  Become excellent at listening to the clues from the sub about the issues that come up.  The communication from the sub comes in images, thoughts, movies, memories, imagined events, emotions, feelings.  Take time to get to know that communication.  So, start with the feelings and allow them to come through.

      Use the JEEP model… if it's JEEP, it's good and live it… if it's non-JEEP, look to clear it away because you are obviously not in harmony in your mind.  J.E.E.P. =  joy, enthusiasm, excitement, peace

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    • Trust yourself and go with the feelings… you don't have to consciously figure things out… just let the sub communicate to you the issues and the related memories that are the cause or part of the cause of the issue.
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    • PSTEC Positive (PP), most times, yes, works most effectively when the emotions around the issue are 0-1 because then that particular barrier will be lowered either temporarily or permanently, so, it will allow the suggestions during the PP round to “land” in and become integrated by the sub and, therefore, used to create or modify the mind model.
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    • Yes, the sub can be really adept at repressing memories… so, couple things…

      Use of the PSTEC Accelerators can be of great help in suggesting to the sub to reveal more memories and even emotions that are related to the issue at hand.

      Keep asking the sub… asking your own mind… what is the cause?… what is related to this issue?… when did this all start?…what do I need to let go of in order to shift this issue?  Questions like that… keep asking and have infinite patience in waiting for an answer.  This is part of the gentleness that I talked about earlier, but also it's part of the EXPECTATION that you will get the answer.  The sub will eventually comply.  But, if you are impatient and move along to the next modality or the next issue, then the message you are sending is that “this is just not that important.'

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    • Use of the PP can  be used even when you are stuck by making suggestions of success in a step that leads to your personally intended success.  So, for example, if you are having difficulty feeling, then you can use PP to suggest that you feel the feelings necessary to letting go of an issue because it means success and joy in your life.  Make sense?
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    • The ultimate test that you are making progress?  How is your life doing?  Live your life as a test.  Now, in using PSTEC, in order to test more accurately, be specific.  Target something in life that is specific and that you can test regularly.  In other words, do not use the goal that you will achieve a certain position at work or in business by the year 2023… that's just too far out to use as a gage.  Find a target or goal that you can test to see if you are moving along, well, in the ext week as the latest or even tomorrow.
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      I use this example quite often… it's Meghan's PSTEC interview where she used a very specific goal of going to the dance club and doing it in JEEP.  She did not worry about anything else, but that one target at the time as she did her PSTEC work.  Then, once that target was done, she moved on to others AND there were targets she was not even aware of that she achieved as well as a result of doing the work on that target… listen to the interview and listen for those points.

      So, I gave you some food for thought in a general way as well as some specific… lots to do, it may seem… but just begin to immerse yourself more and more and do a little at a time.

      Ultimately, you may have to get someone to guide you along a bit or at least once or twice just to get you going… consider that and visit the PSTEC Registry.

      Take care… Aloha!