Reply To: Where to Start

Meghan Saunders

    Hi Ginny ~ sorry to hear the past but happy to hear you are on the other side of that relationship now.  If your first instinct is to CT just around thinking of him and his face — why not start click tracking there?  Sounds like a great place to start.  My best suggestion is to get tapping and sort of let in guide you a little bit — then as you get a feel for things you can start narrowing in on issues.  I would go in with an open-mind — seeking to clean house as a result.  I would keep a journal to keep track of all the things that come up… I am sure you will accumulate a useful list of things to work on.  Then you will have lots of specific and related specific things to CT on.

    Good luck with your healing.  I think pstec is going to be a very helpful gift for you!  YEAH!!!!!!

    Meghan Saunders