Reply To: Buried feelings

Jeff Harding
PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

    Hi Frances,

    Thanks for writing.

    Emetophovia requires a little different approach… here are a couple tips:

    • Don’t imagine being sick or work with the feelings of being sick… only work with imagined events or memories, not on the feelings of being sick.
    • Quite often use of speakers, rather than headphones, can be helpful.
    • [/list]For example, “For instance when I see someone on TV be sick it sends the old familiar shock wave of terror through my body.  The sound of reaching and vomit landing is the most terrifying sound in the world to me.  Even seeing someone spit or rinse out their mouth after cleaning their teeth means I have to look away or put my fingers in my ears.”

      Take the imagined event or memory and use the CT with the feelings of fear and/or terror… the “shock wave of terror.”
      In other words, the fear of seeing and/or hearing an event like this.  Try using various imagined events… you mentioned a few variations:

    • sound of retching
    • vomit landing
    • Seeing someone spit or rinse out their mouth after cleaning their teeth
    • [/list]If you can reach back and remember some of the first times you saw, heard or felt these types of similar experiences, that may lead you along to the cause.

      But, again, work with the fear (rather than the nauseous feelings) when you imagine experiencing such events.



      PS  If you are stuck, you might find a practitioner to help you along… PSTEC Registry … Don't let the geography get in the way as many can work with you over the phone or Skype.