Reply To: Agoraphobia, Anxiety and Panic Attacks

Jeff Harding
PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

    Hey William,

    Well, good job on allowing that info to come forth… writing is the doing part of thinking.

    There are several memories and even imagined events for you to use with the CT, EEF and ATT.  So get to it my good man!  I segregated them as far as I can “see” them via this discussion… this is a little less specific because we are not working together on this, but if the memories and there, might as well neutralize them…

    • Having served in the British Army during the 70s… there is a source of “non-JEEP” memories right there… I witnessed and had some not so good moments in the Army…
    • I realised I was not going to just fall into the job… when did you realize this?  What moment do you remember this dawning upon you?
    • …took anything whilst I searched … what are you memories of the search and how did you feel in taking something you, perhaps, didn't really want?
    • I remember thinking I could see no end to this working in factories and dead-end jobs.
    • I am a thinker – maybe that is part of my problem –  … this maybe more of a belief issue.
    • I could never be a robot on doing the same thing day in, day out…although I was for 5 years… how does it feel to have been doing that?  How is that 5 years represented?  Maybe a recurring vision/image… also what were the worst experiences during this time?
    • I had no one to turn to and was too proud to tell my then wife…
    • …in my vulnerable state… what is the evidence of this… how is that represented in your mind?
    • I do remember at the age of 13 having my first panic attack after thinking of my own mortality and soon forgot it…
    • …the fact I was being bullied at school had much to do with that episode.
    • … a traumatic birth with the chord around my neck and being pushed back up the birth canal with forceps … this may be an imagined event, that's ok, just go with your representation of it and the feelings they invoke…
    • and my Mother telling me she thought she passed her fear onto me.

      This one is not an issue, but an answer to your statement… “I don't expect you to have all the answers”… no, I don't… ah, but you do… The Answer is all in there for you!

    • [/list]Plenty of grist for the PSTEC Mill there!