Reply To: How to rate your feelings

Jeff Harding
PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

    PSTEC is very simple really, but quite often we complicate things and make it harder than it is.

    Should you use muscle testing?  Actually, it will not help and, therefore, will just complicate your PSTEC work (play?) which, in my opinion would actually be counter productive.

    Let me first start out with a couple guidelines, or Kepi-isms (Kepi is Hawaiian for Jeff) for you when using PSTEC:

    • Self Awareness without Self Kindness is Self Abuse (ok, I stole that from a good friend of mine, Dana St. Claire of Maylaigh Ministries… but I have permission to use it from her.) … this means to “take is easy” and don't force things… if you find yourself “trying hard”… “working hard”… “I have to get this done!”…etc., then step back and reassess.  In fact, get used to the word “reassess” and put that into action (a mental and spiritual action).  Be more relaxed in your approach with the work (play?)
    • Do not confuse a relaxed approach with one that is passive.  There are actions when using PSTEC… both physical and mental.  Be patient in your approach, yet diligent, persistent and consistent.  I know these concepts may seem like oxymoron's, but only from one perspective.  From a True macro perspective, they are Reality and are possible for you.
    • If You are Thinking, You are Wrong … I love this on because it usually brings about a response like, “Uh, but… er… how can I do this without thinking… and by the way, thinking is my best trait!”  Well, it's the way you are thinking that “created” this situation, so, think about it  :- )    … if a certain way of thinking created the issue, does it make some sense that a different approach is needed to resolve it?  What I am saying here is to put aside the analysis… put aside trying to think your way out of this … put aside trying to get ANYTHING perfect because perfect, in and of itself, is a definition of your current mind model and it's the mind model that we are changing here at the subconscious level.
    • [/list]Now, when you say, “knowing exactly where you are”… this is contrary to the two Kepi-ism's above.  Not only is it thinking too much, but there is also that effort to be exact… gotta get it perfect … a real work of force.

      Relax and just use your sense of feel to get your rating… it's just there to give you an idea of the emotional intensity to see if the specific memory/imagined event has been emotionally neutralized for you.

      If you don't know the rating… ask yourself for your best guess.

      Some people just go with a feel until it's gone and don't rate… that's fine… nothing in that method will get in the way of using PSTEC effectively.

      Muscle testing is definitely not necessary and will not be much help.  The idea here is to make this as simple as possible.

      Last Kepi-ism for the day…

    • Use your Life as your Laboratory… many people look to get their emotional intensity down to zero before they step out into Life and Live.  Don't look to get it perfect in your mind first, just get it going… get it manageable…then go out and experiment… observe how you react to the world and this info that comes from the subconscious will be more grist for the PSTEC Mill.

      A  great example of this was illustrated in the interview with Meghan and her personal work with social anxiety… check out the free recording here… Interview with Meghan on using PSTEC to Overcome Social Anxiety

    • [/list]Bottom line is “Make it Simple”… not a Kepi-ism because it's too much like KISS, so I don't want to steal another one… but, let's change it a bit… Keep It Simple Sweethearts.

      This is simple and easy… the only struggle is our mind letting go of its previous definitions from the mind model.  But with relaxed persistence and consistent play, you will find that peace and joy.