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Jeff Harding
PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

    Aloha Ray … can you be completely free of ANY fear?  Of course, you can!

    Attachment to something, someone or someplace is what is at the source of our fears.  We feel, to some degree, that we can't live without it or it would severely impact our lives … i.e. attachment to a certain type of lifestyle, income level, etc.

    The fallacy and what keeps people stuck with money issues can center around various thoughts or beliefs or a combination of them… some examples…

    • “Money doesn't grow on trees” … meaning: The flow of abundance is limited.
    • “I don't have the means, materially or otherwise, to produce enough or produce consistently.”
    • If I have money and lose it I will never get it again… or … I only have one shot at it in life… see the limitations?
    • Another big fallacy is that if you are NOT attached to money and producing wealth … in other words if you are not  motivated by fear of losing or not getting it, then you will not be motivated to get it and you will be impoverished.
    • [/list]Just not true… well, unless your mind model it geared that way and then it will manifest lack!

      There are many people that are fearful and “driving” themselves to make money and still are not experiencing abundance.
      So, from your post, there is not enough info to really delve into this, but here are some general suggestions:

    • If it feel like “non-JEEP” Click Track (CT) it!
      If you have any feelings that are not joy, enthusiasm, excitement or peace; then see what you are feeling “negative” about and CT it.
    • You did mention “fear of losing money” … try to begin imagining losing any money you currently have accumulated to steady income you have… in other words, imagine the worst.  What does that look like to lose it all?  Paint that picture in your mind… how does that feel?  Now CT it until it's 0-1.

      You may also remember times when you did lose money… or when you didn't have money.  CT those memories because we always LEARN about lack.  We are not born with a feeling or with thoughts of lack… it's always learned… so, it's time to unlearn it.

      Some may say, 'I don't want to imagine the worst because it may come true'… don't listen to that.  You are imagining the worst because it's already in your mind as a possibility and you are not focusing on it to manifest it, you are focusing on it to correct the error in thinking.  Don't be afraid to feel the fear because you need to allow yourself consciously to realize the source of those fears so that you can target your PSTEC Tools on them and ZAP them! ;D

    • When the fears are low, begin to shift your beliefs around money… use Tim's Wealth of Abundance recording… it's free … begin to “flood” and compound new suggestions of abundance and wealth.
    • Don't focus on the dollars and money to begin with except in terms of eliminating fears of lack of money.  In other words, don't set goals about money yet… take care of releasing the fears around lack and also the limiting beliefs not only about money, but also about your worthiness and abilities.
    • [/list]One last note…
      Don't think about this money issue as a do or die situation.  Realize that these fears coming up in regards to your wealth issues is a gift because you need to know, in many cases, the source or sources of it all so that you can finally clear up this errors in your mind model.
      These barriers are an opportunity to shift that mind model once and for all and, most importantly move through Life with ease and in peace.
      Think about this…
      What if you KNEW that you would always have what you needed… you would always find a way?  Each moment … each day … each (whatever period of time); you would always have plenty?  What if you KNEW that?
      Would you need a million bucks in the bank?  Or, is the million bucks in the bank projected from fear of future lack or fear of not “proving” your worth?
      Interesting questions, yah?
      I tip my glass to your journey of abundance, my friend… keep clickin'!
      Malama Pono!

      PS Stay tuned for Think and Grow Rich with PSTEC … details here…