Reply To: PSTEC and Goals

Jeff Harding
PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

    Hi Mike,

    Thanks for writing here in the forum… I hope this will be helpful to you and others.

    The reason why our feelings rise and fall is because they are not being triggered or stimulated consistently.

    For example, if I have a fear of public speaking, but never get up in front of a crowd to speak… if I avoid crowds, then my feelings may not come up at all and will definitely be less than their highest potential intensity. If I have that fear, but just think about it, I can get that intensity to rise, but not always as much so as when I am standing at the stage in front of the microphone.

    So, let’s get you focused on the issue and when you do, just go with the feelings that you have. Yes, maybe other times they are a bit stronger, but it may not matter as we are only concerned with your feelings in the moment as you work with them with PSTEC.

    A problem with our current goal-setting is that we only focus on making our goal and not the possibility of failing. It’s not that people are not thinking about failing, they are just in denial that the fear is there… they suppress it and fight it, but, most often, the feeling or the subconscious wins.

    We want to let it come up and let it go.

    So, we are going to do it a little differently here, ok?

    First of all, good job in looking to neutralize the feelings that are contrary to your conscious intentions. Maybe you are doing it out of desperation. If so, no matter, because we will address that here.

    Just about everyone all the time (ok that’s a rarity for me, throwing out absolutes… hhmmm, sue me) starts moving forward on a target (aka: goal) when they know there is resistance. So, we strap on our weapons and go to war within ourselves. And, many casualties are left behind within our mind. Then, the spiral begins or intensifies because now we have proof that we are not capable. Quite often we are worse off than when we started.

    But, that is no fault of yours or others that are reading because that is how we are trained.

    So, consider that you are going to retrain yourself… that is the most important benefit of going toward the target … to learn new ways to use your mind and one of the best aspects of training your mind is to remove or let the barriers go.

    We must clear away some or most of those feelings, thoughts and beliefs, as you said, that get in the way. If we don’t, we are in for quite a fight.

    It would be like trying to take off in an airplane with the runway littered with rocks… some are quite huge… we just can’t roll forward smoothly enough to lift off.

    Let’s start here…

    Since you mentioned fear of failure, I am going to give you something that really focuses on that issue and should bring up some heavy emotions and thoughts for your PSTEC work.

    Think about this and see how it feels: “The target (state your intention) does not matter.”

    How does that feel?

    Do you say, “Well, that’s not true… it’s very important to me”?

    If so, there is your first clue of what to work on.

    Take your target and imagine that you work at it doing what you believe you must do to accomplish or attain it. Let’s say you spend the time, money and effort and nothing materializes that you were working for… imagine it is an utter failure and you are still at the same place you were when you started.

    How would you feel?

    Rate it 0 -10, with 10 being the most intense of that unpleasant feeling.

    This is your benchmark to begin with.

    Take those feelings… those emotions and the picture of “failure” that you imagine when you think about failing at your venture and the target is not attained.

    There is one of the first aspects to use with your PSTEC.

    In other words, we are looking to neutralize any fear of failure.

    Have you ever noticed the most consistent, successful people go through failures like butter?

    You want to be successful? Increase your willingness to fail. Meaning, you will go through anything… any failure to get to your successful state because that is all that matters… the failures do not matter.

    What will happen as you use PSTEC on this?

    You may have other thoughts, feelings, emotions, memories and images come up as you do this work.

    Let’s say you are reminded of another time you failed at something and you still feel the feelings.

    There’s more grist for the PSTEC mill.

    Ok, suppose you have run through a few images, memories, imagined events (like failing in the future), feelings and emotions using the Click Tracks.

    Now, imagine again, doing the work and the expected outcome does not occur. How do you feel?

    Do you still feel the same feeling? Rate it 0 -10. Has the intensity dropped at all?

    If you still have some intensity, allow a deeper look and ask some questions.

    “Why would I be upset about not accomplishing that target?”
    “What are the reasons?”

    Take each reason and find the feelings about that issue as well. Take the images of that reason with the emotions and feelings and use your PSTEC on each one. Maybe some are similar and you could combine them.

    If you are not sure or it’s questionable about their similarity, then do a separate run of the Click Track with each aspect or reason.

    Make sense?

    To summarize:

    • Imagine not accomplishing your target
    • Rate your intensity about failing, 0-10
    • Take the imagined failure along with the feelings and use the PSTEC Click Track
    • Be aware of other thoughts, feelings, emotions, images, memories that come up that are unpleasant. Write them down. Keep track and start “picking them off” one by one.
    • Take each one and use the Click Track
    • As you clear the feelings around each memory and image… keep track of them, check your intensity again by imaging you are not accomplishing what you are going after.
    • You may not have to go through each one and some may be able to be combined in one Click Track run, but do not take shortcuts. Better to “over click” than “under click.”
    • [/list]What we are looking for here is to be able to take action without worry. to move forward and toward your target… be on your journey or path to your physical destination… with all your resources completely at your disposal.

      Also, we want your Being to be in complete harmony with itself. Your conscious Mind… your subconscious mind… and your Higher Self or super conscious mind.

      Hey, all three are on the same team, so they better be on the same page, right?

      When you are feeling pretty clear of the fear of failure, there are a couple more steps, so let me know how you are doing on this.

      Take care… keep clickin’!


      PS This is just one approach to expose the issues. You may need some individual coaching in this area, so check the PSTEC Registry for someone you might feel comfortable in helping you identify the issues to “Click On.”