Reply To: Using PSTEC with Goals

Jeff Harding
PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

    Hi Bronson!

    Actually, it is quite simple once you get in there doing it… just a new way of using the mind and the subconscious (sub) just needs some training.

    The use of the PSTEC Positive comes in very handy here because you will begin to express or suggest a new reality to the sub using your Positive Statements (PS) and, basically, the sub will either comply and begin to integrate or it will reject it.  When it does reject it, most times, it will invoke the emotions and/or thoughts about why your suggestion is not in harmony with the whole mind (which includes the sub).

    So, in essence, the sub is saying, “Hey, if you want to change reality, you must heal this past stuff … either that, or you must comply with our previous mind model… our previous perception of reality… and, that would be recommended because, frankly, I like the old way… it's so… familiar and comfortable.”

    Then, when the emotional issues come up, use the Click Tracks (CT) or EEF's on the events, memories, imagined events that come up… and then, return to the PP you were working on.

    So the use of the PP in this way will bring up any barriers that must be healed or “corrected.”

    Make sense?

    Now, you will also want to use the Accelerators because that will encourage the recall of this junk that is in there so you can heal that stuff too… or, I believe, more accurately… correct the error in thinking.

    Now, one other BIG point on the PS or your goal… you must be more specific!!!  Not in the HOW you are going to do it, but in the details of what it will look like to reach that goal… what does it look like, smell like, feel like, sounds like… be very, very specific.