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Jeff Harding
PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

    Hi Megan,

    Thanks for writing… first of all, I beg to differ … you do know what the key problem or cause is… well, to be more specific, your subconscious (sub) knows all there is to heal… to let go… to become free. :- )

    Think about it… these issues were not there when you were born, but learned along the way… most very early in our lives… so there is a “blueprint” so to speak… the various experiences and the linguistics or what people we perceived as being “authority” told us… all of this is recorded by the sub… you have the Answers … you ARE the Answer!  Cool, yah?

    So, the first one… our experiences… usually shape our perceptions via the emotions and the Click Tracks (CT) are excellent in dealing with those.  So, as you work with the CT's, your sub will present to you… it will communicate to your conscious mind … what needs to be handled with the CT's.  So, be aware of all that comes to your consciousness… could be memories, little movies, images, feelings, emotions, etc.  Note these as they come in your List.  These are the specifics you are focusing on with the CT's.  When you use the CT's, be sure you are doing your best to focus on both aspects of the memory or imagined event… the memory/imagined event and the emotion/feeling.  If you can bring both to bear in your CT session, all the better.

    Here is one of the most unique offerings from Tim and PSTEC:

    Another package that I always recommend is the PSTEC Accelerators because they can speed things up by helping to encourage the sub to reveal what's necessary to heal to the conscious mind much more quickly.  AND, when you discover the issue sooner, you can ZAP it with the CT's, right?

    Ah Beliefs… yes… once again, Tim has done it to help with this issue like nothing else on the market:

    The other major piece of the mind model puzzle are beliefs that you touched on.  Changing those do not respond as well to the CT's.  This is where the use of Success with PSTEC and PSTEC Positive (PP) comes in.  That is a worthy package that will help with the belief issues.  In fact, the best buy is PSTEC Level 1 that includes PP, the EEF's and also the therapist tutorial for only $37!  This is, while not required, an essential.

    The Weight Loss Package has several tracks, as you know… work through them the best you can … you will discover the ones that have the most impact for you because weight challenges may be the result of one or two or even several causes; i.e. they can cover the gamut of causes: beliefs, behaviors and emotions.  So, go at it with ease and move along as your mind leads you to the issues.  That is why Tim recommends using the Accelerators with the Weight Loss Package as well as the basic CT's and PP.

    *****Be sure you journal this type of work as it can be complex and if you write things down, it will allow you to examine what comes up with your conscious mind and prioritize what you will work on with PSTEC.

    If you are stuck and feeling overwhelmed, it might behoove you to contact a practitioner through the PSTEC Registry to help guide you through and keep you on track.