Reply To: Did not notice a change

Jeff Harding
PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

    Hi Kim,

    Can be quite confusing, yah?

    Your questions are quite difficult to deal with in a short email, in part, because there are questions involved to drill down a bit and uncover the issues. Also, there are some contrary statements as well, so, basically, it just takes some sorting out and then prioritizing. All of this leads to targeting your PSTEC work and that's really what it's all about.

    So, without knowing specifics that you are dealing with, it would not be possible to deal with them here.

    So, with that said, my best recommendation is to find a PSTEC Practitioner to help you sort it out… you can check the PSTEC Registry for someone that can help you. No need to find someone in your area as this type of work can be done just as effectively over the phone.

    One suggestion though…

    In terms of “seeing” results, shifts or changes; you must establish a way to KNOW if you are beginning to manifest the desired change. You see, quite often, we just want to NOT feel bad, but that is not a desire… not truly. That is only a “desperate” statement to get away from what we don't want… usually pain. So, to begin to establish your desire can be very important and even helpful in not only having a gage of your State of Being, but also as a way of “flushing” out the true barriers to your desires… the blocks to your J.E.E.P.

    You mentioned being in an environment of shame which corresponds in some ways to your core emotions as you put it, so, in reality, you may have a great opportunity to craft your desire and have a wonderful laboratory, so to speak, in which to make the changes you desire.

    So, again, if there is confusion, a little help and insight from someone that can sort out and prioritize your personal PSTEC work can go a long way.