Reply To: Combine EFT with PSTEC

Jeff Harding
PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

    Hi Oscar,

    Well, the question involves two approaches that are really like apples and oranges… or even apples and ostriches.  :- )

    I am assuming here that your question, specifically, is can you use a statement like this with PSTEC Positive (PP): 'Even though I have money barriers, I choose to allow $10,000 to flow into my bank account by April 30th.'

    First of all, not  a great statement, but I am only using that to see if we are on the same page.

    But, assuming I am understand your question…

    EFT is not inherently a subconscious (sub) approach to handling issues… it works on the meridian energy system; so, it's not truly about making suggestions to the sub directly.

    Now, with certain statements it is possible for those suggestions to be accepted by the subconscious, but, most times, especially when working alone, it's difficult to get beyond the Critical Factor and, therefore, the suggestion is ignored by the sub.
    When someone works with an experience practitioner, there can be a more effective bypass of the Critical Factor directly to the sub because the practitioner is doing more of the conscious thinking.

    The EFT approach of “Even though…” involves taking an issue and CONSCIOUSLY accepting the issue as being ok… you could call it a form of “self forgiveness.”  But, with EFT, you are always identifying the issue that is blocking your intention or desire.  In effect, you are mixing both the barriers to your intention and your actual intention in the same statement.

    Make sense so far?

    With PP, we are taking an intention/desire/goal/target and suggesting it to the sub… straight forward. With the audio, Tim is doing the suggestion to the sub on whatever you are focusing on.

    You see.. if you are focusing on your issue… the barrier… that could have an adverse effect.

    In using PP, we are not suggesting even the existence of a barrier… you see?  So, if you begin using a suggestion that also identifies your barrier AND your desire, you will only confuse the sub and that could create issue or, at best, it will be ignored as non-sensical.

    If you are emotional barriers, that is when you use the CT and ONLY focus on the barrier.

    Tim mentions this… the time to use the PP toward your intention/desire is when the emotions are cleared up with the CT/EEF's.  If you have emotional barriers still present and especially if strong, then the PP will not be effective.

    With PSTEC we are separating the two taks of clearing emotional barriers (use of CT and/or EEF) and making suggestions of our intention/desire (PP).

    Use the right tool for the right job and you will go much farther… and much quicker.