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Jeff Harding
PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

    Hi Mariead,

    Children and younger people are in a most unique stage because this work, like using PSTEC and other methods, can be very effective and quick as they generally do not have as many layers to peel away.

    But, as younger people, they may not have the patience to go through with the focus that this work takes… also, they are still quite intent on being independent and so asking or even allowing help to come through is
    difficult for them.

    If you are there for her (I’ll assume and use “her” and “she”) and she is open, here are some tips:

    • Most of all, be patient and unconditionally caring, even if their life needs to be “straightened out.”
    • If she is open to using PSTEC, just help guide her as you did in guiding yourself with your PSTEC work.
    • Prior to doing the PSTEC click track, and dealing with a traumatic event may take more than one or several rounds of it as you can see, ask her about the event.  What are the feelings, emotions, images and videos running in her mind, thoughts, beliefs; sounds, smells and physical feelings in her mind or what seems in her physical world.
    • Take all that input and begin having her focus and try to hang on to the feelings and memories as she does the click track.
    • Keep verbally reminding them while track is running to focus on their bad feelings…yes, talk through the click track as they are listening and remind them.
    • Help them move their hands with the click tracks, if necessary.
    • To do the “reminding” and helping them moving their fingers on the tapping; you may have to play the click tracks on a quality stereo system or get a stereo headphone splitter for your mp3/iPod where you can plug two sets of headphones into the player.

      Here is a link with an example of one (I am not endorsing this one…just an example… you may find it at your local electronics shop too…

    • Other feelings and memories may come up, so jot those down and then use that info for more click track work.
    • You will want to invest in the Level 1 Audio Package as there are more defining tips and perspectives when you are working with others to help guide them and many people have found that Package to be helpful in their own self work.
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