Reply To: Forming good habits

Jeff Harding
PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

    Hi Humir,

    There are a few reasons why changing behavior will seem like defying gravity… very nice description, by the way. :- )

    • There may be emotional issues in the way… look for the emotional barriers that come up when you use PSTEC Positive (PP)… the feelings and thoughts that come up saying, “Nice try, but it's just not true or possible.”
    • You are not targeting a specific habit (being too general) and/or targeting too many to change at one time.

      I like to target one at a time so that I can measure more easily and allow all my available energy to be focused on that one change.  This also beings to demonstrate to my sub how to make changes and becomes easier and easier as I do more and more over time.

    • The wording on your Positive Statement (PS) is too much of a stretch… so, for example, instead of shooting for 2 hours on the treadmill, start with getting on there for 10 minutes… also, instead of I AM awesome on the treadmill, begin using what I call the Belief Scale that Tim refers to in How to Achieve Almost Anything – The Easy Way under a different title, but basically instead of being absolute in your stated confidence (when the reality of the sub is diametrically opposed) use word like “I Can…”  or “It's Possible…” and then you can work your way up to a higher state of being.
    • [/list]When working with targets and success, it may help to have someone guide you at first.  Check out the PSTEC Registry for some help getting started or “unstuck.”