Reply To: Staying up late; can’t get up in the morning

Jeff Harding
PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

    Hi Humir,

    This may be a bit complex because it depends upon the cause of staying up late… it could be…

    • An emotional issue; fear of something or fear of missing something…
    • Perhaps beliefs are involved as well, such as: going to bed early means I am boring … true it may not make sense, but it may be that literal from the subconscious (sub) perspective… remember, the sub is literal, but rarely logical…
    • Or, behaviors; we get into habits.
    • [/list]So, the approach with the PSTEC tools depends upon the cause and there are various ways you can discover the cause in this situation…

    • Imagine going to bed early on a regular basis; what are the feelings or self talk that comes up?  Look for the clues by imagining doing the behavior you wish to do.
    • What are you doing when you stay up late… look at the reason why you do those things by, again, listening to the self talk and being aware of emotions that come up.
    • You might also imagine going to bed and waking early… what are your reactions of those imagined events?

      When you are using imagined events in PSTEC work on your own, take your time.  Don't rush through the event, sit with it and listen because the sub reactions and communications may not come up immediately.

    • When did this start?  When did you begin staying up late?  Where were you… what were the circumstances?

      In other words, ask yourself the magical question: “Why?”

      “Why am I thinking this… why am I doing this… why am I feeling this?”

    • [/list]Allow the answers to come through from the sub and then you can apply the appropriate PSTEC tool… for emotions; the Click Tracks (CT) and/or EEF's… for belief and behaviors; PSTEC Positive (PP).

      You could also just try using PP right away with a suggestion about going to bed at a certain hour and waking at a certain hour… follow Tim's instructions on how to form the Positive Statement.

      If you begin with the PP in this way, be sure to be aware of the emotional issues that come up… the self talk and feelings that say, 'This is not true.'  Look to clear those away with the CT and EEF.

      As you focus on this issue, a sincere DESIRE and even EXPECTATION (not a fear of what happens when you don't) to change the behavior will benefit this work and speed up your success.

      I hope that helps.