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Jeff Harding
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    I'm glad that you have mentioned this subject because it's one of those subtle yet very real barriers for us.  I believe it's part of the “craftiness” of our subconscious to keep us where we are because there is the perception that you are safer in that position within your mind.

    I am going to be bold here, ok?  :- )

    It does not matter what modality you are using… does not matter what you do… if you do not “target” it properly, you will spin your wheels or, “tap yourself silly” and you still stay in the same place.  It's not about the quantity of work, but quality of it.

    In other words, if you are not Truly looking at the “error in your thinking” (I mean the error that is creating this reality that is uninspiring and lacking in passion), then you will not be able to move forward.

    This process is gentle and simple and also it Truly is easy.


    We make it difficult… we make it complicated… we think it takes strength and incredible fortitude… but that's just another error in thinking.

    So, when the going is tough, I like to say, get back to the fundamentals… K.I.S.S. (Keep it simple Sweetheart).


    1. If you feel JEEP, get quiet and listen for the clues about what you should do to manifest your desires… in other words, Live Life!
    2. If you feel non-JEEP, pull out the CT and clear it up… let it go… all of it.

      Take the feeling you are having and JUST follow the breadcrumbs to the specific memories or imagined events… pair up the emotion/feeling AND the memory/imagined event and run the Click Track on it.

    3. [/list]Ah, but you have to be willing to listen… take in the communication coming from your subconscious.

      In your writing, here are some specific clues…

      • I do not know what memories to pick…

        Don't “pick” them… when they come up, write them down… start your List… then take the feeling and that memory and run the CT.  That's it.  No need to choose, but just take ANY memory that comes up and that includes an unpleasant feeling (non-JEEP) and neutralize it with the CT.

      • I used muscle testing to choose what memories to tap on…

        No need to muscle test… again, don't over complicate this … if a memory brings along with it non-JEEP feelings, use the CT on it.

      • If I am depressed I might not be depressed on what I think I am upset about. If something has bothered me in the past I might think oh it must be that story…

        Ok, too much thinking here… again, follow the fundamentals I mentioned above.

      • I often wake up with a very spacey mind and I am not sure why lack so much passion and I want to sleep in so much and little thigns are such a big chore…

        When your mind is holding these memories and thoughts that include so much non-JEEP, then you are living out of harmony.  Be diligent at letting go of all of these feelings, emotions, memories and imagined events… ALL of them.  You will not have to run CT on all of them, just be WILLING to let go of all of them.

      • I think oh its that issue that is bothering me…however it could be something from another dimention, a past life ect ect. Or it could be a soemthing from a meriad of a lifetime of memories that did not agree with me...

        Don't analyze or think, just stick with the fundamentals.  When it's non-JEEP, clear it up.  No need to classify it as another dimension, life, etc.  Just take the memory/imagined event (doesn't matter) pair it up with the feeling/emotion, turn on the CT and let it go.

      • [/list]Couple tools…

        Listen to the most recent PSTEC Interview with Estelle… I believe it might help you…
        PSTEC Interview with Estelle Williams on getting unstuck with PSTEC

        Also, if you are stuck and can't get beyond it… sometimes we just need a little guidance.  Someone to walk us through the confusion of thoughts, feelings, memories and emotions.  So, consider finding someone on the PSTEC Registry that can help you.  Don't let the geography get in the way because when I work
        with individuals, about 80-90% of the time we do the work via the phone or Skype.

        Take care… Aloha!