Reply To: Affirmations in the 3rd person?

Jeff Harding
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    Hi Evan,

    Good question and there are several clues there and subsequent strategies that can help you to transcend a belief like that.

    Here are some ideas that come from Tim Phiz himself as well as some mixed in from myself as well …

    • First of all, for PSTEC Positive, I'd always use first person statements because it is straightforward and easy for the subconscious to understand and process.
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      The belief “You will never amount to anything” is an easy fix when consulting with a therapist because the therapist can use questions to deconstruct the belief.

      In working on your own (self help), here are some ideas to approach that…

    • Use the technique Tim refers to in PSTEC Level 1 of using silly voices for the sentence and just repeat it in the third person several times until it feels funny or ridiculous and untrue.
    • You could also imagine the person that you remember (or imagine remembering) telling you that you will never amount to anything and imagine them repeating that sentence but changing THEIR voice into some silly sounding voice, again, until it feels funny or ridiculous and untrue.
    • Then start looking for examples of things which clearly disprove what was said.  I know there are instances in your life that prove that axiom wrong.  Ask yourself these questions, when your feelings are more neutral, “What kind of actions in my life prove that I am valuable… What events in my life indicate that my life is of value… What have I done for others in my life that displayed my value to them… What have I done in my life that I felt joy, excitement, enthusiasm or peace about?
    • As you do those questions in the quite and stillness of your mind, you will come up with moments where you felt that and you do have evidence of your worth and value.  Ah, but sometimes in your mind something may come up, like someone saying what you may value at that time, like getting an “A” in a class that you worked hard on, is not a big deal and “get over it” or something like that.  Well, that memory coming is good!!!  How do you feel about that memory of that person telling you that?  Take that memory and that feeling and what?…. that's right, run the Click Track.  Simple, right?
    • The other way to go about it would be to start looking for as many times as possible when that person was just plain wrong about something.  Imagine the person that told you that you would not amount to anything… was this person ever wrong in anyway in their life?  What did they do in their life that was a mistake, a misjudgment, an error, etc.?
    • [/list]All of the above will begin to deconstruct the validity of that statement in your subconscious mind.

      Remember, as you move along these thoughts and come up with emotions that are tied to memories, take each one and run the CT until each one is down to 0-1.

      When the statement “You will never amount to anything” does not seem true or to hold much weight, that is the ideal time to go with PSTEC positive using the first person to change the belief.

      Here are some examples:

      “______________ was often wrong about things” (fill in the blank with the person that told you this)

      “I can ignore everything they said to me”

      “I'll show 'em.”

      “I'm going to be ______________” (fill in your desire)

      I would also consider something specific you would like to do in life that would be the opposite of “not amounting to anything,” but choose something small to start on … something that is short term and you can measure with your success in the next week or at least in the next 30 days.

      Narrow your desire to one thing that is simple so that you can train your subconscious to be “on board” with you on this journey in creating a Life that is worthy of J.E.E.P.

      Hey, if you ask me, it's your birthright, my friend!