Reply To: PSTEC: positive and negative results for social anxiety.

Jeff Harding
PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

    Hi tjj,

    First of all, excellent work thus far already although you have been only at it a week or so.  I appreciate you noticing the communication coming through to you as I will show you in my response.

    I believe it will only take a short time for you to begin to trust yourself and then you will see your progress increase.

    Let me show you your fine work thus far in beginning to know yourself and, therefore, discovering how to transcend these issues…

    • “I know that I have numerous issues that relate to my social anxiety and panic attacks”

      Very astute… this is one reason panic attacks can be a bit tricky.  They, quite often, are the result of many issues that are being harbored and so this is one way the subconscious (sub) will “protect you” as determined by your mind model.

    • “the memories that I have thought about while using the click tracks relate to several different issues”

      Very good… you are obviously very open to the sub's communication and that is one of the tougher challenges presented… that is, knowing what to target with PSTEC.

    • “I am wondering if I should just focus on one issue and just use memories that relate to that issue.”

      Bingo!!!  Proof positive that the answers are right there with you… hey, what do you need me for?  ;D

      When you focus on the issues and/or the emotions and feelings that come up, just get quiet and listen and when the thoughts come about memories/imagined events, just take each memory that comes up, pair it up with the feeling and use those two things as you turn on the Click Track!

      Very good!

    • I have noticed a lot more positivity in my thoughts (hugely)”

      This IS HUGE because as you are consciously noticing this (oh, and be sure to notice those subtle ones as well), then the sub takes notice too and begins to listen more and more to you and will “get the message” that the positive or as I like to call J.E.E.P. thoughts come, those are important!!!

      So, keep noticing!!!

    • “my anxiety has almost seemed to increase”

      Now, this may seem to be a “bad” thing, but it's not.  As you said, it could be fear of change, fear of feeling good because maybe you're not worthy or it's not prudent.

      But, you know what is important here?  Not to try and figure it out… there is no analysis necessary!

      In fact, everything you wrote after, “A part of me wonders…” is probably not relevant.

      The wondering and thinking, for the most part, comes from your current mind model that is causing these issues in the first place.

      So, use your conscious will to just notice those thoughts coming through and then look for the non-JEEP feelings and when they come, focus on the feeling and notice the memories that come up; then pair those with the feeling, one at a time and run the Click Track on them.

      If the feelings heighten, get quiet, you will be ok (and be aware of your physical safety of course)… allow your sub to tell you what's behind those feelings.  The answers are what you will target with your PSTEC!

    • [/list]Remember, K.I.S.S. (keep it simple sweetheart)…

      1. Feeling non-JEEP?  Get quiet and allow the answer to come through about the source of those feelings and run the Click Tracks
      2. Feeling JEEP?  Again, get quiet and when inspired about taking action, do it and enjoy it.
      3. If non-JEEP pops up, go back to #1.
      4. [/list]