Reply To: PSTEC: positive and negative results for social anxiety.

Victoria Johnston

    Thanks Jeff, this was very helpful. One more question, I had the most success with using the click track while thinking (just my general belief) about how I think of everyone as being better than I am and being unworthy in general (wow, real progress, of course it has begun to fade since not continuing on this particular belief). I just thought of several different people and thought about how incompetent and unworthy I feel being in their presence. Of course working on this belief was what brought me the discomfort. Should I continue working on this? Or is their a better way around this? If I do continue to work on this belief, will it actually get to the root of the problem or just change the belief/tjought process? 

    Thanks again Jeff,

    The temporary changes I did feel have led me to believe that PSTEC is magic. I have tried Hypnotherapy, CBT, and EFT and nothing has even come close to what I have felt with this.