Reply To: PSTEC: positive and negative results for social anxiety.

Jeff Harding
PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

    You're always welcome!

    If you notice, based upon what you are writing, you are not “just” thinking about your general belief.  Here's what you said, “I just thought of several different people and thought about how incompetent and unworthy I feel being in their presence.”

    So, in effect there, you are thinking of specific memories of someone “making” you feel a certain way or believe a certain way in terms of what they feel is the truth for you and to some extent, you took their word for it.

    You see?

    The root of the problem… or the cause or source… can actually be more than one “thing.”  It appears that you are working through the emotional issues quite well, so, yes, continue.  When thoughts/memories/imagined events come up and there is emotion coupled with them; take each memory and run them with the Click Track.

    In other words, if you feel non-JEEP, get our your Click Tracks.

    You may have to do that with several memories and, sometimes, run the Click Track several times just on a particular memory… it just depends how strong the emotional attachment is for that memory or thought.

    Ok, one added tool that will be helpful…

    You mentioned beliefs, but also mentioned emotional issues.  For PSTEC work, use your conscious mind to begin to know the difference between the two because two different tools are best for these two different issues.

    Emotional issues –> Best Tool: Click Tracks or EEF's
    Beliefs and Behaviors –> Best Tool: PSTEC Positive Tracks (PP)

    So, when we use PP for belief issues, we are, in effect, making suggestions to the subconscious about a new belief that carries us in the opposite direction of our previous belief.

    If you have emotional issues AND belief issues that are at the source of your problems, then just handling the emotional issues and not really addressing the belief issues will, many times, create an environment where you find yourself with a temporary solution.

    Well, it's not that the problem left and returned, it's that the problem was never completely solved and like a burning ember in the forest after a fire, it could become a blazing hot fire once again.

    So, begin to become excellent at using PP… be sure to listen to the Success and PP Tutorial that is a part of Success and PSTEC Positive and also part of the Level 1 package.