Reply To: Focusing on the clicks?

Jeff Harding
PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

    Hi Borut,

    Thanks for writing… this will be helpful to many and is not that uncommon… so, let's see if we can help you get “on track.”

    Oh, first of all, realize that you are training your mind (specifically the subconscious) to operate a bit differently, so be patient as you go through these changes.  That, in my opinion, is the source of our resistance… not letting go of the old ways.

    Let me address some parts of your question that may help give you a little better understanding in how to use your PSTEC Click Tracks…

    • “even this is giving me problems because my mind want's to think about something else”… PSTEC is not “easy” per se… it does take concentration and may be a bit tiring as a result, but, again, as you work more and more with it, you will find yourself getting better and better and being able to work with PSTEC with less effort.  So, do the best you can when focusing as Tim tells you.

      If your mind wanders, just gently bring it back… train it to follow your conscious directions.

    • “What I'm asking is should you focus on every click sound that you hear”…

      Well, first of all it depends which Click Track you are using because you will notice that each Click Track has a little different instructions in terms of which hand respond to which click or tone.

      o For each click and tone, you are TAPPING your fingers.  You don't necessarily have to “listen” to each click and tone, but, as the instructions state at the beginning, you tap with the appropriate hand during the click or tone.  In between the clicks and tones, you simply stop.  That's all.

      o There are two click beat tracks and a tone track in every audio, but the tapping varies depending upon the particular audio file.

      Let’s take the Click Track 01 (file name “PSTecFile01”) as an example…

    • [/list]

      1. There is the first, faster click beat track and Tim says tap with the fingers of the right hand along with the rhythm of the clicking WHILE THE CLICKS ARE PLAYED.  When they stop, you stop or if they transition to another type of click or the tone, then you switch hands and rhythms according to the instructions.
      2. There is a second, slower click beat track and Tim says tap along with the fingers of the left hand along with the rhythm of the clicking… do it in the similar way as #1 above.
      3. There is a tone and when you hear that, you tap with BOTH hands as rapidly as you can.

        Again, when it comes to tapping with your individual hands and the speed of the tapping, they correspond the same.  In other words, when you tap with either hand singly, you tap in rhythm or in time with the clicks and tones.  When you are tapping with both hands, tap them rapidly together; as fast as you can.

        o Remember, just do the best you can in terms of the tapping… if you miss, don't worry… YOU WILL NOT GET THE TAPPING PERFECT; you don't want to.

        o Be sure you are focusing as he says in the audio on the feelings and the problem memory.  Don't worry about understanding what he is saying; just focus on trying to hand on to the feeling and the memory.

      4. [/list]If you are not getting the results you desire, it is a matter of targeting the PSTEC Click Tracks and also sorting out the thoughts, feelings, beliefs, etc.

        You would want to consider chatting with a practitioner to help guide you at least for a bit… you can find one at the PSTEC Registry.