Reply To: Focusing on the clicks?

Jeff Harding
PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

    Hi Borut,

    You're always welcome, Borut.

    There may be two main issues in using PSTEC for you… difficult to know just from your postings though…

    1. The PSTEC Positive (PP) may not be the right tool in the right time for you… quite often people are wanting to go to PP asap and without the emotion being more subdued, then PP is not always effective.

      *  The best use of PP is in conjunction with the Click Tracks (CT) because as you use PP, emotional barriers will come up, so then you pull out the CT and handle the emotional issues… then, it's back to PP.

    2. Just a matter of targeting.  If the CT and PP are not well targeted, then shift and changes are not happening.  This is where guidance can be helpful.
    3. Sometimes we fear going a little deeper… have no fear of it, but if you do, again, some guidance may help.
    4. [/list]Sometimes we just need a little help…a little nudge… someone to gently take our head and turn it ever so slightly and we see an alternate path we can take.

      Not someone, mind you, that will lead you along on a tether because then we give up our creativity, choice of Life… we basically give up the joy of discovery and experience … and that's what PSTEC is all about.  It's about finding YOUR WAY… and you will.

      The issues of self-esteem and not feeling loved are quite general and usually take some time, so be patient and gentle with yourself and you will be surprised with how quickly you transcend such challenges.

      Infinite patience brings immediate results.