Reply To: Focusing on the clicks?



    I find his books really interesting. I'm currently re-reading the book again and again to really get understand the book and the process. I will post how I'm doing combining the two. I also remember reading on the forum about pstec positive and visualizing the goals. I think it will be good do dog this up. But I must first clear the blocks because when I tried to visualize one of my goals or let say one new habit that I would like to have and I felt strange resistance to this new habit – when I started visualizing it was like my sub said “no no, this is not you”. I started visualizing how I wanted to react next time in one specific area and after very short period of time I felt something in my stomach and chest area – around the heart. So this got me wondering that maybe there is not resistance directly connected to the issue (because I did a lot of clicking directly linked to the issue and not much progress there ) so then I moved to self-confidence and self-worth in general. I felt that I'm not worthy or good enough as the rest so when ever I thought about this new habit I got this feeling that I can't be like that. So with the help of Mr. Maltz I'm slowly discovering the stuff “beneath” :)

    So I will report how I will progress :)

    Thanks again for your time and your kind words.

    Enjoy the day,