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Jeff Harding
PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

    Hi Rose,

    Cascade Release (CR) is quite different from the other PSTEC Tools, such as the Click Tracks (CT), EEF's or PSTEC Positive (PP).

    How Does CR Work Differently?

    CR works on a completely different aspect of the subconscious… almost entirely outside of awareness in an area of the subconscious Tim calls “The Workspace.”

    The CT work mostly on the borders of consciousness in the pre-conscious (another part of the subconscious).

    What type of Situations Are Ideal for CR?

    The situations when CR comes in very handy is when there is little information to work with.  Information such as memories and especially when you do not get at the cause of the issue.

    So, for those that have a high degree of resistence, such as fear of allowing past memories to come into consciousness, CR can be quite helpful

    Also, those that are very analytical… have you noticed how the analytical personalities generally have more difficulty in recall of memories and quite often cannot pair up an emotion or feeling with a memory? … CR can be very helpful.

    Is CR Reliable?

    This is the “tricky” part.

    Because CR works with a part of the subconscious that is almost completely out of awareness, the effects can be difficult to ascertain.  This is one reason that it is recommended for therapist use so that someone can assists the user in identifying and sorting out the memories, feelings and imagined events.

    Of course, many people are using CR in a self-help situation… more on that below.

    Contrast that with the CT where you identify an emotion/feeling and then pair it up with a memory/imagined event (most ideal use of the CT).  You are being specific and can then rate the intensity of the emotion/feeling.  In other words, not only are the CT's more simple, but easier to measure the results or progress.

    Don't use CR as a crutch

    I want to point this out because when I say “CR comes in very handy is when there is little information to work with… memories… cause… analytical personalities…”; I want to encourage you not to run to the CR too quickly just to hurry and get it done.

    Why Do I Use the CT's More Often

    I rarely use CR with clients.  I always begin and work quite a bit with the CT because…

    • The CT's are more simple and easier for the client to use on their own for homework (Homeplay?!)
    • The CT's are easier to measure progress… again, easier for the client to use on their own.
    • It encourages the client to learn to allow the memories and feelings through, rather than supressing them.  This is important if the client is going to become more self sufficient in doing their personal work.
    • [/list] CT for Self Help?

      Sure, you just need to approach your work with an infinite amount of patience and awareness.

      Infinite Patience Brings Immediate Results

      The measurable results are not as quickly apparent in most situations, so I beleve you must be patient in knowing if there truly is a change or shift in your perception.

      One practice that helps is establishing a way to measure your shifts in perception.

      Choose something that is a daily activity or exprience.  How do you feel about it… how easy is it to perform or observe?

      This measurable activity must be related to the issue that you are working with using CR, of course.

      As you work with CR, watch the shift of feelings surrounding this measurable act or observation.

      So, CR can be used for just about any issue… again, it's not the type of issue so much as the situations surrounding the issue.

      Oh, a note about your experience…

      I just regressed a client using hypnosis to a causal event and am not sure if using Cascade will be of benefit to her now?

      If you have regressed and discovered a causal event, no need to use CR, just pull out the CT! :- )

      …not sure how to identify a target issue…

      Start from the end… what do you desire in life?  What is your target in life that seems elusive?  Begin with that and ask, what's in the way… what issues prevent that from manifesting?

      Again, I would spend more time with those questions by getting quiet and listening for the sub to communicate.

      Once you have spent some time on allowing that to come through yet nothing occurs, you can take the issue that's in the way of your desire and focus on that issue… target that issue… and use CR.