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Wilfred Denis

    I recently did CR for four times on 3 different issues. Before this I did the CT for about a year 3months….. I can tell you they are different.

    I also believe that this is EASILY self-help. I felt something right away with the CR. I believe that this is the way to go with those early belief forming moments in your life. CR is very effective. This program is a pull the weed out by the roots. I feel that CT are not as powerful.

    My impresion of the CR is that it gets the subconscious mind to find that particular event which caused whatever behaviour belief etc that you want to improve on or change. CT nibble around this but have a hard time getting to the root ( Listen to Cascade Tutorial about the stutterer). For example, you may have a strongly charged belief that you are not good enough; and you may have grown up in a family that had a toxic environment where ridicule and chaos was common. So it probably comes from here,right? But when did the belief start when was that precise moment when the dam broke? There is only one precise moment when a belief is formed.

    This is the beauty of CR vs CT it really “cuts to the chase” if there is a trauma you can vividly remember than CTs are probabaly better. But for most of us the subcon mind formed our beliefs early on.

    CR take the CAUSAL EVENT/IMAGE/MEMORY and moves out of the past where it cannot be referenced. Its not focusing strictly on the emotional release. This is getting to that root memory and removing it.

    I find that the CT is very effective it has troubl getting to the “hidden memory”.

    I would have to say in my humble opinion, that CR release is more powerful than the CT. All subjective, but healing the original cause of the problem is exactly what we want to do. Right.