Reply To: how do I know what to work on?

Jeff Harding
PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

    Aloha Saxman,

    Let's start with several guidelines or axioms that will help you begin to move forward…

    • Don't worry about the WHY… it does not matter why you feel this way, all that matters is that you let go/release/clear what is in the way.  The WHY, quite often, does not make sense because the problem lies in the subconscious (sub) part of your mind and that part is quite childlike and literal… not logical… so…
    • Don't analyze or try and figure it out… let your communication (mostly listening) with the sub reveal what needs to be recognized and released and then you can let the sub do the rest.
    • Don't work hard on thisSelf Awareness without Self Kindness is Self Abuse… therapy does not work with that “work hard” mentality.  Remember, the sub is quite childlike and how well do children respond to the “work hard” approach?  The quicker you can turn this clearing/cleaning work into “play” the more enjoyable it will be and the quicker you will move along.
    • [/list]So, where to begin?

      Based upon what you said here, I see two clues…

    • I feel broken… My brain feels very cloudy and I have tension in my stomach and my chest.

      This is some of the communication from the sub… time to listen… when you listen, the sub will take that as you being serious about moving in a certain direction… let's call it moving to J.E.E.P. (joy, enthusiasm, excitement, peace).

      So, you will “tune into those feelings and ask some questions of your sub… of you… about those emotions and feelings.  Check out this previous post for a list of the questions to ask yourself…

      When specific memories come up, take those memories along with the emotions/feelings and run the Click Track (CT) on each one that comes up.

    • The other clue was this… could be some memory over 20 years ago from my childhood

      Why do you say that?  Was there something that happened 20 years ago that you feel really impacted you?

      If so, take that memories and each related memory and run them with the CT just like I mentioned above.

    • [/list]Bonus Suggestion... you're lucky day!  ;D

      Since you're not sure what the cause is of your emotions and feelings, take the “Non Specific Repatterning” Approach where you just take your conscious memory of “non-JEEP” experiences and run the CT on them.  Begin with the earliest memories.

      I suggest the Accelerators too as they will help with the recall of memories and emotions.

      What you are doing is taking the memories and feelings the sub presents and neutralizing their importance and then the sub will revise your Mind Model so that you can more easily shift your perspectives and feelings as well… help to get you on the JEEP path.