Reply To: Premature ejaculation

Meghan Saunders

    Hello Oscar – – – I'm not Jeff. . . but. . . . here's my 2 cents!

    I feel certain you can rid yourself of PE. 

    1) Free CT's and EEF's – – – conjure up the feelings surrounding this issue – – – of how it feels when it happens, before and after.  Write down everything on a list.  Now use the Free CT's and/or EEF's on EACH negative feeling.

    Be sure to CT the anxiety thoughts/feelings you get before a potential event… and all the emotions you feel after an event.

    Use Free CT's and EEF's to click away each emotion or feeling involved:  fear, anxiety, shame – – –  HOWEVER, you don't even have to know or name the emotion/feeling but try to get in touch with how it feels in your body — intend to click away that not so pleasant feeling this whole subject brings up for you.  It may take several sessions and several rounds in order to clear the issue from all levels.

    2) Click Track Positive to pump yourself up!  Be your own cheerleader.

    In terms of the weighted scales Tim talks about  – – – currently the scale is weighted with your negative beliefs about yourself in regards to these events & your past experiences – – – so with PSTEC Positive – – – you can talk yourself back to even — or —- better.  So if you can think of some of your negative, self-critical thoughts you say to yourself – – – write them down (you can use this list with the Free CT on how these statements you make you FEEL as well) – – – – – but to use PP – – – turn your self berating statements around to a “I can totally overcome this” – – – and whatever else might be needed — but yes, PP in the range of statements to build more confidence for yourself.  Peak Performance – – – why not.  You can program yourself “to be the man”  if that is your desire – – – seriously, – – – whatever it is you what from yourself differently than you currently experience.

    Aside from pstec I am sure there are physical & mind techniques that are out there that can be learned to improve endurance and performance as with any sport or talent.  I'm just going to go with an example of the desire to hold your breath under water longer.  One, you can Free CT on all the fear and other emotions that come up when you are running out of oxygen so that eventually that will not be part of the equation of needing to surface.  You can also PSTEC Pos for staying underwater longer, to program your body to use oxygen better and find encouraging words that convince you you can stay under water X amount of time…easily.  AND, in addition – you actually have to continuously put yourself in the situation in order to get better at doing it.  An active action program is also necessary.  You have to repeatedly practice holding your breath underwater longer and longer in order to achieve the desired outcome.

    I do believe it is possible.