Reply To: Social Anxiet / Emetophobia

Jeff Harding
PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

    Hi Pedro,

    You have some excellent awareness going on in your writing, so while it's a bit difficult to assess via a forum, there are a few aspects you might consider…

    • “I've been focusing only on the fear of vomiting because that's the one thing that would improve my life significantly.”

      Based on some of what you mentioned in the post as well, the vomiting appears to be more of a reaction than the cause of your anxiety.  So, using PSTEC on this issue, in the long run, may be akin to treating the symptom rather than the cause.

      When you get to the cause, that's when perceptions shift permanently and that's what we are after, true?  :)

      Further on that point is your other thought…
      “I don't consider my fear to be a true emetophobia because I've no problem vomiting at home, the fear only happens socially, or at least I only seem to get sick socially.”

      You know the answer is always with us… we are the Answer.  It's just a matter of listening… being aware.

      Remember this… *** VERY IMPORTANT***
      The sub has the answers and will give them to you under the right circumstances.

      What are the circumstances?  Well, in a nutshell, it's Harmony… harmony between our conscious and subconscious selves.  And, you engender harmony with Trust and Honor.

      So, as you go through this journey of healing, especially if you do it without some guidance from a practitioner, the better you become at listening, the more effective your targeting of the PSTEC tools will be.

    • “The problem is psychological, of that I'm sure because if I can feel well at home, I have no excuse to not feel well in any other place.”

      Ah, begin to notice the triggers… what prompts the feelings that are not J.E.E.P.

      When you feel non-JEEP, ask some questions…

      • When do I remember last feeling this way… and before that… and before that?
      • When do I remember first feeling this way in my life?
      • Who do I remember feeling this way about the first time in life?
      • [/list]

    • [/list]

    • Take those answers that give you specific memories and jot them down.  You begin to have a list of memories that are non-JEEP.  Use the CT on each one individually.
    • [/list]

    • “I wasn't even able to go to a shopping mall without getting anxious a few weeks ago and now I'm comfortable in such public situations (as long as I don't have to interact with anyone at an intimate level).”

      More clues here… don't look so much at social situations as interactions with people.

    • How do you test?  Find something “small” to begin with that in your mind is hard to do “in JEEP.”  Sometime you truly desire to do, but is a little tough.  Not real tough, but just a little.

      Imagine it in your mind… what comes up.  Begin to use the CT on the non-JEEP feelings when running that desires future event in your mind.  Let that target of what you wish to do expose the “junk” in the way.

      When the imagined event of doing it is clear and you feel you can do it, go out and give it a try.  See what comes up.

    • A great example of how to do this for social situations is Meghan's PSTEC Interview… check it out.
    • Oh, yes, absolutely use the CT on the relationship with your ex.

      Take it one step further…

      Use this current experience with her to help find the issues at hand.  there is a wealth of information on the issues that are in the way for you in your recent interactions with this person.

    • [/list]You have quite a bit of info to work with, Pedro… take time to get quiet and listen to what's coming through in communication from your sub and remember to Trust and Honor it!
      Look to the cause of the vomiting issue… or, more precisely… look to the emotions that trigger the vomiting and those emotions will lead you to the cause of them… the memories, experiences, beliefs and behaviors.  Shift those and you shift your perception… you will find freedom when it shifts, my friend.

      Aloha nui loa!