Reply To: Social Anxiet / Emetophobia

Pedro Ferreira

    Thanks for the quick answer Jeff. I value your kind words and knowledge a lot and would have no problem paying for a few sessions with you if I could afford it. Unfortunately, that is not the case at the moment.

    Thanks for being so helpful, I already piggybacked a lot of knowledge from your answers to other users here in the forum so I have a few ideas of how to improve myself.  ;D

    Anyway, Your suggestion about it being a symptom rather than the issue makes total sense to me but I don't know what because what I really get frigthened of is the possibility of vomiting… In fact, when I am able to get past that initial nausea (regain control?) in a social situation I actually become quite social and relaxed.

    I'd also like your opinion on another matter if you don't mind. I've tried to click track imagined events like being at the mall, being with friends, etc. But I find that the issue affects pretty much every social situation that it would take me forever to click track them all. I think my best option here is with memories, or maybe imagine a situation will all the right triggers?

    From reading your posts here in the forum I also think I was doing a few things wrong. I was focusing to much on my internal dialog during the CT's instead of my feelings and emotions. Maybe that's why I feel like I have less negative thinking? lol

    BTW, I just got the Accelerators aswell as I think they might help in my situation.

    I do feel a difference as I've said and I feel like the CT's are somehow working so I'm not giving up that's for sure.

    Have a great Christmas by the way :)