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Jeff Harding
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    Aloha Pedro,

    A couple notes on the fear of vomiting…

    • Do not imagine being sick or work with the CT on the feelings of being sick … just work on memories or imagined events.
    • If you do go down the path of dealing with issues around vomiting, try using using speakers  instead of headphones… this may help reduce any nauseous feelings that might come up.
    • You can though use the CT on the fear of vomiting.  Just use an imagined event of you feeling the fear of vomiting in a particular situation (or you may have more than one situation where you feel it would be an issue).  So, do not go into the issue of vomiting, but the anticipation of it happening.

      You see, it can be helpful to isolate the particular part or aspect of the “whole.” But, when working alone, quite often, we play the entire “movie” in our minds.  So, take your conscious will (this is an excellent example of using the conscious will effectively) and ONLY focus on an imagined event of fearing that you might vomit.  Make sense?

    • [/list]Ok, enough of that pukey subject…  :-X

      On the subject of imagined events and trying to CT ALL OF THEM…

    • Remember, as you CT any event, memory or imagined ALWAYS use your conscious will (another great use of that wonderful tool) to be aware of the communication that comes up from the sub.  You will not have to CT all the memories and imagined events that are in memory.  If you reach the cause then the sub will take care of the rest.

      • The “cause” may include a few foundational memories, but rarely, if ever, would the foundational cause be all the experiences you have ever had (I would love to say never, but you never know… I have not experienced anyone that had to CT all memories and that would not make any sense anyway in terms of how the sub works.
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    • So, using the CT with an imagined event might be all you need to clear something up.  But, if not, using the CT on the imagined event will bring up the cause of the issue if it needs to be cleared.  Watch for it… listen.  When it comes up, CT that too.
    • True, what may come up are “statements of fact” and these may be linguistic beliefs (beliefs about a “fact of life” we were told and accepted), but, quite often, they have an emotional aspect to them.  Look for that first by asking questions like this, “When do I remember hearing that phrase… who do I remember hearing that from… when was the first time I remember that being true… what is the evidence in my life that it is true?”  These types of questions can give you some specific experiences that might have emotional intensity to them… pull out the CT!
    • Yes, use the Accelerators as instructed by Tim and recall of the “causes” will come more quickly so you can CT those.
    • [/list]I believe you that you are not giving up, not only because you are here on the forum, but most importantly, because you are feeling a difference and that's all we need is to know we are moving forward on the path we OUGHT to be on… what else is important than that?

      Keep up the good work (play?), my friend and be patient as you play through because if you persist, the sub will take you seriously and will serve you… serve both of you!
      Mahalo for your wishes and Mele Kalikimaka!!