Reply To: Cascade Release

Sally Baker

    Hello Steve I've been experimenting with Cascade Release too and have come to really value it as an addition to the PSTEC family.

    As a therapist I use it by giving the instructions to the client myself while retaining eye contact. It creates a powerful dynamic as the physical gauge of their arm moves in response to the sub-conscious changes that are being made. Giving the instructions myself also means I can use the client's own phrases or key words and use appropriate emphasis to really individualise the process. Clients have found it to be an effective and even emotionally uplifting process as all that negativity is dumped into the rubbish bin of their mind.

    I've used it successfully with physical issues such as eczema, physical issues attached social to anxiety such as excess sweating and even for food cravings.

    When I use Cascade Release on myself, which I have done now quite a few times on different issues I simply use the audio click track with Tim's voice over giving instructions and that works perfectly.

    So, Steve for self-helpers, I really recommend you follow this method. With Tim's instructions it means you can simply focus on the issue(s) you are working with and be able to check in and notice the changes in yourself that you feeling.

    Good luck with your work. I truly think Cascade Release is an amazingly powerful technique. Regards Sally