Reply To: Cascade Release

Sally Baker

    Hello BJ,
    Well the ear phone replacement is a definate :) You may have certainly missed some key info, so let me try to help you out here.

    Tim provides two versions of the audio tracks, one without his voice-over and one with his voice talking you through the process.

    So, as a self-helper just choose a time when you have some peace and privacy and listen through head phones to the tracks with his voice-over instructions. Tim explains the process in a very straight forward way, just as his voice over does on the PSTEC Therapy System FREE tracks.

    He will prompt you to raise your arm to shoulder height straight out in front of you and yes it can feel tiring as you slowly lower your arm back down to your lap, or where ever it lands, but it is all part of this fantastic process.

    If you note the audio length it's less than 10 minutes so is do-able I hope by most people. Also the sense of lightness and release is tangiable and well worth any slight physical effort to achieve this.

    Do try this on your own if you feel able. You could even clear doubts and fears about being able to work with the Cascade Release with the free click tracks first.  :)

    If you get really stuck look for a therapist trained to PSTEC Advance Level in your locality or one who is experienced working with PSTEC via skype. It really wouldn't take long to release a whole heap of associated issues.

    I hope it goes well for you. Regards Sally