Reply To: Cascade Release

Sally Baker

    Working with cascade release for sweating and blushing is an highly feasible way forward. With your conscious mind during the process concentrate on recalling as many incidents, memories or events where you have experienced these forms of social anxiety. Really conjure up those memories, events or conclusions you've experienced as if you are there again, experiencing them once more. Really focus on those negative feelings throughout the process. If you were to rate those uncomfortable feelings where would they be on a scale of zero to ten with ten being the most uncomfortable. Get the number really high, to a ten then focus some more – get those negative feelings upto a 12 and then begin the cascade release. All the time your conscious mind is recalling as many memories, events and conclusions you've made about yourself your sub-conscious mind remembers every single incident perfectly. You'll be amazed at what pops into your head. Run the cascade release and follow Tim's instructions you should feel many times lighter and more relaxed afterwards. Remember it's a two part process so don't forget to put everything you've recalled into the rubbish bin in your mind so that none of those events or memories can trigger you as they used to.

    To really be able to conjure those feelings as fully as possible I often use EFT first btw. This allows you to recal and connect with the emotions you're going to clear.

    Good luck with your work. Regards Sally