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Sally Baker

    Hello Maxine,
    you are correct in what you have read about how to use Magic Sentences. This protocol works best by really focussing and listening to the words as carefully as possible to achieve the results you desire.

    Therefore it is not suited to be recorded on a loop to listen to while asleep.

    Working with Magic Sentences with clients, and from recording Magic Sentences for self-helpers to use on their own, I estimate it takes about 35 minutes to complete an entire Magic Sentence process.

    The aim would be to clear whatever issue, challenge or problem you are dealing with first with the PSTEC Click tracks and then use the Magic Sentences to reinforce the shifts in thinking you have achieved. Two or three times perhaps over a week initially can be reduced to once a week or occasional use, depending on how you respond – so it isn't something that demands using up great chunks of time.

    I hope this has been helpful. If you are not sure about recording your own Magic Sentence then reply back and it might be one we have in the pipeline – which would save you lots of time  :)

    Kind regards Sally Baker