Reply To: Can I Use PSTEC to Solve My Problem If My English Pasive and Poor

Jeff Harding
PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

    Hi Villa… As Peter said, the Click Tracks (CT) are your first choice of tools.

    Here are some questions for you to help explore the issue.  These questions as well as other ones that you develop will help your subconscious to reveal the cause or source of the issue, but you have to be consciously ready … aware … so that when the subconscious sends you the clues and communication, you can take them and apply the proper PSTEC Tools.

    When emotional issues arise, the CT's are always there and you can also use the EEF's (stronger CT's) and also the Accelerator Tapping Tracks (ATT).

    Here are some questions that will help you to draw the issues out to the open for you:

    • You mentioned “problem that start happen on 2002 year.”  What happened around or prior to that time?  Was there a very traumatic or emotional event(s) that happened?
    • “mind is always chaotic and anxious” … when does this happen consistently … with whom … where?
    • When was the last time you felt anxious about the chaotic thinking … the time before that… before that?
    • When was the first time you remember feeling anxious about the chaotic thinking?
    • [/list]
      Once you have sat in quiet and let your subconscious mind bring to you some memories with emotional intensity, then begin using, as Peter said, the CT's and see if you can lower the emotional intensity of those memories.  You may have to run the CT more than once on a particular memory… be patient and kind as your mind learns how to use the CT's effectively.

      If the CT's are working for you, consider the Accelerator package because use of those tracks will help encourage the subconscious to reveal more and more of the issues so that you can handle them once and for all.