Reply To: Weight Loss Question

Peter Bunyan

    Hi Rebecca
    Firstly as I do not have the weight loss package I cannot comment on any differences. But memories and weight loss are many and various and without finding out more about your particular circumstances I can only give a few suggestions about where to look.
    For many people the problems start with the dining room battleground between parents and children. The parents telling their offspring to “eat your greens”, “clear your plate” and such like.
    Other incidents that might give rise to loss of self confidence and consequent “comfort” eating might include a serious illness, being burgled or pick-pocketed, being bullied or abused.
    If for example you have a “sweet tooth” or sugar addiction then the cause could be from a time when you were too young to even remember now. You could then try “feeling” the cravings while Click Tracking.
    Other negative things the Click Tracks can help with could be feelings of “failure” with previous diet attempts.
    Hope this helps
    Keep asking questions.