Reply To: Weight Loss Question

Peter Bunyan

    Hi Rebecca
    You have a weight problem and you are trying to do something about it, that is you have a desire to change, hurdle one cleared.
    You have found PSTEC tools to help you. These tools have helped many, many others. Hurdle two cleared.
    PSTEC Click tracks remove unwanted, unhelpful emotions and feelings that stop you from achieving the change you want.
    Focus on the mental image of the woman you want to be for a while and then listen to yourself. Are there any cynical little voices at the back of your mind saying Yeah it's a great idea but……. Some day it might happen but…… These voices which stop you truly believing you can do it. Now focus on the strongest of these and what feelings are there, are there any associated memories which support these “buts”? These do not have to be directly “weight” related. These are the things to try and hold in mind while Click Tracking. Memories if you have them are an easier target than just the feelings. Get Click Tracking and clear the next hurdle, that is just using the tools.
    Bear in mind you are not aiming to lose weight but gain health.
    Personally I have found the Primal Blueprint lifestyle works for me and my family.