Reply To: Pstec without vocals

Jeff Harding
PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

    Hi Jim,

    The answer is actually “No” because of the way PSTEC works. It's much more complicated than most people seem to think. There are many elements that make this work so well which rely on very accurate timing. Also it is not just a case of the words spoken but also exactly how they are spoken and additionally exactly how they are dispersed relative to one another.

    Tim has spent years working this out. If you read the page describing how PSTEC works ( you will get some idea of what I mean and just how complex these tracks actually are and why it's not an option.

    In fact, countless hours of work great go into just a few minutes of click track audio. It's this attention to detail that gives them real power. For example the free audios took around 24 hours of actual recording work for just 11 minutes if audio and that's after having done several previous versions so Tim was familiar with the flow of the speech. Exact Timing and precision with language and sound is everything.

    I have chatted with many therapists that felt the same way… they questioned if they could use an audio with someone else’s voice… but as they boldly forged forward …with a little bit of faith  :- ) … they found the results were excellent and that’s what they were after in the first place.

    This is truly plug and play for just about anything as is… very simple and easy.

    As a therapist in New Zealand said recently, “… wow, I could have probably put that together, but why reinvent the wheel, I'll just use what you give me with my clients.”

    People who want to be able to offer something in their own language that works very well usually look at using the PSTEC Cascade Release method instead.

    It is more demanding of the therapist than the client but works extremely well when done correctly.

    There are tracks in English with my voice to illustrate the process, and there is written script with a separate sounds track for delivery in any language you like.

    If you decide to use this, you have to be prepared to practice the method itself and also the vocal delivery. Once learned it works very well.

    I hope this is helpful.