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    [color=rgb(42, 42, 42)]Hi JS,
    With the amount of people having this problem I will go all out and say that it’s the most common issue here on this PSTEC forum (been in contact with at least 7 users on here personally with the same problem about blushing)
    I too still have this problem to a certain degree and have came to know an incredible amount about why and how we blush through speaking with various professionals and reading articles. When I am talking about blushing I am talking with regards to embarrassment not flushing eg. In the gym lifting a heavy weight also causes your face to go red etc
    I think after much research the issue of blushing (by which I mean when you think it’s becoming a phobia/out of control) is governed by 3 main points:
    1. Caring too much of what other people think – (to do with where your values at at) where you believe you will be judged negatively or criticized by others because of your blushing reaction (maybe evidence from past experience) this then may lead to a deeper belief connected with where you think you need others acceptance, also to do with your opinions of how YOU see blushing (likely negative) as you in turn believe that others see you in the same light. These are wrongfully installed beliefs
    2. Resistance to accept blushing- because you cannot consciously control it and it can often bring negative/unwanted attention. It’s the resistance that can fuel the blushing which in turns brings round the loop like emotions again, 9/10 people who have this problem of course don’t like it happening so they naturally resist! Hence they can never stop it this way so it is never ending.
    3. Fear of blushing – the symptoms eg. Fight or flight response, sweating etc . Worry/anxiety alone about being scared of blushing in a situation can in turn bring the exact same emotion that brings the reaction in the first place. You’re basically calling on it to act and perform.
    From my exp. in all the people I have spoken with the 3 above are what is at route in the blushing “continuous loop” as it just goes round and round
    I think to answer your question simply go out and note down situations that make you go red, if you’re still thinking that you now can’t think of any examples this is a diversion/resistance tactic for change from the inner mind IMO
    You can also use PP to change your personal beliefs about blushing and how you value how others see you.
    Ps. I would really like to talk to Tim if he reads this as after studying the tutorial I don’t recall him ever speaking of actually accepting blushing, because surely if you completely “let go” change your attitude and accept that you blush there will be no resistance and then no fear because these 2 factors are at the heart of when blushing becomes a real issue for people. Also in the tutorial it just comes across as blushing is this horrible emotion that were set out to clear, so would be great if Tim could reply
    Ps 2. It would be fantastic if Jeff or Tim could do an additional tutorial for this issue because 6 out of the 7 people I had spoken with on here downloaded the blushing tutorial of the website and still had the problem after… So be awesome to hear/learn more from what they can say.
    Also Peter Bunyan on here is currently working on “magic sentences for blushing” so keep a look out for that!
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    Hope this helps! Feel free to PM me if I can be of any more assistance,
    [/color]thanks again, over and out!
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