Reply To: Erythrofobia


    Hi everybody,

    First I want to thank everybody for their reaction.

    “Caring too much of what other people think – (to do with where your values at at) where you believe you will be judged negatively or criticized by others because of your blushing reaction (maybe evidence from past experience) this then may lead to a deeper belief connected with where you think you need others acceptance, also to do with your opinions of how YOU see blushing (likely negative) as you in turn believe that others see you in the same light.” (K77)

    Kay, I think you have a point here! I always think about how other people judge me. And often I think they have a negative opinion about me before I even met them. In almost any case they have a positive opinion about me!  :)

    “You can use pstec on imagined events as well as actual memories. An imagined event is basically a generated memory, so it has the same effect. So imagine yourself in a situation where you would blush and that should generate the emotion to click on.” “You can also make it extreme, imagine a worst case scenario where you blush big time and lots of people point and laugh and really look down on you and click track that.” (Oz)

    Oz, I think it’s a good method to imagine a “worst-case scenario” so that the negative emotions are very strong. Then you could neutralize the negative feelings.

    Somehow my subconscious is blocking the emotions that I get when I am in a certain situation. I remember the situation but I don’t feel the negative emotions. Maybe I have to try it several times before my subconscious will slowly let the negative emotions come up.

    So I think I will hang on to what Jeff is saying here:  “It’s just that each of us has a different ability to access it… some it suppress more earnestly (subconsciously) than others. Ah, but also, feel confident in knowing that you can improve on your skill of listening to your subconscious… you just have to put the effort and intention into it like you would in being earnest in listening to another human being.”

    I just read Jeff’s reaction again and he said: “Recommendation: Note some of the ideas from Kay about various aspects about embarrassment, fears, etc.  Just take those topics and be specific by asking yourself about what evidence you have in your life that is about embarrassment.  Ask your mind to reveal the memories and thoughts.”

    I haven’t thought about asking my subconscious questions… I think that would certainly help to force the subconscious to let the negative feelings go.

    I tried the pstec click tracks a few times, I tried some deep relaxation music with positive affirmations and I tried a few tracks that help you to love yourself. I got some tracks from youtube.

    I think they are a strong tool together. Like Jeff said we are worthy and its good to emphasize that using a track. The track with positive affirmations could resemble a little with pstec positive I think? Correct me if I am wrong.

    I just noticed that I didn’t blushed so often and less severe!!  :)
    I think it’s still there but I will slowly go away…

    But know I have fear of sweating.. VERY ANOYING!!  :(

    I read that erythrofobia (fear of blushing) can switch to fear of sweating very easy. Could it be a tactic of the subconscious to flee? What do you guys think about that?

    Is this also curable by using PSTEC?

    Thanks again for your reactions!!

    Over and out,