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Jeff Harding
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    Aloha JS… you're always welcome!

    Maikia'i … Excellent  … keep up the good work… er … play!  :)

    You have several “ah'hah's” expressed in this thread and gaining some intellectual idea of how to proceed is very, very helpful.  Ah, but it's not about knowledge, it's about results… about the experience.

    So, take these ideas and just plug away… put your head down and be a CT/Clearing  Fiend and a PSTEC Positive Pro.  Keep it simple and keep up the consistency and you will see even more and more results.

    • Communication with your sub is communication with Self.  So, as you undertake discovery of more clear communication with your Self, be kind… don't force it … just listen more.
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    • [color=rgb(42, 56, 71)]The track with positive affirmations could resemble a little with pstec positive I think?
      [/color]I have not experienced anything in the area of affirmations alone that can touch the effectiveness of the PSTEC Positive (PP) Tracks.  There is quite a bit going on in Tim's Tracks so if you enjoy the positive affirmations, take those “crafted” affirmations and apply them using PP and you find yourself turbo charging your affirmations.
    • I read that erythrofobia (fear of blushing) can switch to fear of sweating very easy. Could it be a tactic of the subconscious to flee?
      If you are addressing blushing directly, yes, it could.  Tim is quite clear on this in the Blushing Tutorial.  Nana I Ke Kumu… Look to the source … of the blushing; not at the blushing directly.  Just “use” blushing as the clue to what the source is… follow them like breadcrumbs to the source to you can heal that.  Also, use the blushing as a gage of how you are moving along.  You noticed that the blushing is less, but you also know there is still some aspect of the Mind Model of a blusher that is still there.  That's ok, just continue what you are doing… it will come up and when it does, you know what to do with it, yeah?!

      So, yes, when we go after the symptom, the mind can produce other symptoms.

    • [color=rgb(42, 56, 71)]fear of sweating …[/color]Is this also curable by using PSTEC?
      Yes, of course… if the blushing is clearing, something is working.  Take those learned skills of clearing and shifting your Mind Model and apply them here as well.  The fundamentals of PSTEC do not vary much from issue to issue.  There are some advanced and more artful application strategies, but, even those, include the fundamentals of we have talked about in this thread.
    • [/list]Malama Pono, my good friend!!