Reply To: Dealing with Alcohol Dependency

Peter Bunyan

    Hi Mark
    You have realised you have a problem and have started to do something about it. Great because these are the first steps to getting past any habit.
    Since it seems to be just a habit at present then I suggest Click Tracking with EEFs at 10.30 when you really feel like a beer, open bottle pour it, hear it smell it, place it in front of you, so can strongly feel that desire for that beer (do not drink it) and Click track that. Then pour it away down the drain. Do this every night for a week. This sounds tough so give your-self a non-food/drink reward. Work out how much money it costs each week for that amount of drink and at the end of the week buy something you fancy but never thought you had the money for or buy a non-food/drink treat for the kids/family something you can do together perhaps.
    If you cannot break the habit this way then you are addicted and other measures might be required.
    Does this sound do-able to you?