Reply To: Emotions About Another Person’s Situation

Jeff Harding
PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

    Aloha bj … yes, as oz said, very simple …

    • While you are TRYING AS HARD AS YOU CAN to feel the feeling (remember, it's not that you need to feel the feeling, but what's important is that you TRY to feel the feeling) imagine your niece playing soccer and then run the CT.
    • As you run that CT imagining your niece's play, if there are other memories that come… other images … anything … make note of those and if they are unpleasant as well, CT those.  Do not judge or deem them not relevant, but if the mind “serves” them up to you, CT them because in some way, perhaps illogically, they are related and contribute to your behavior of being nervous.
    • [/list]Also, keep in mind, no matter what the risks, the results, etc.; your niece will always benefit from your support, thoughts and certainty of her success… meaning her joy and peace.  When we worry, we are not supportive because we are questioning that person's ability to be successful … we are doubting them.

      You have a great opportunity here in two ways…

      1. To discover why you are feeling nervous and to become free from those perceptions that get in the way of your JEEP.
      2. To move in the direction of being the ultimate resource for your niece… one who can Truly KNOW her perfection and see it for her.
      3. [/list]Malama Pono (take care, be right)!