Reply To: PP for Extreem Self confidence

Jeff Harding
PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

    Aloha Doreed … You are already on the right track in your post…

    As you said, “I know “I am confident in everything I do” or I am confident in doing this/that task) are not inspiring.”

    True, finding what you Truly desire to do and applying PSTEC Positive (PP) will yield better results than trying to apply PP to something you are not inspired about so, you are correct…

    “You may want to ask which areas of my life I want to feel confident about.
    It is in the different areas of my professional Life i.e Like Learning abilities/ presentation/ clear vision/ Motivation and Communication aspects of my profession.”

    • Begin by breaking that down a bit … take “Learning abilities”… what does that mean to you?  If you were to become excellent at that, what does it look like to you… what would you do with that ability… where would you do it… with whom if anyone would you do it with and also, if appropriate, who would you serve?  Imagine your ideal person you are serving … begin to craft a vision of that in your mind.  If you have difficulty including yourself in that vision, imagine someone that is the epitome of success in that area and then imagine you moving into that picture and seeing yourself helping them, imagine them apprenticing you and then turning the reins over to you. As you imagine your success… do the best you can to imagine it … how does that feel.  Are you inspired?
    • If there are non-JEEP feelings, such as fear, nervousness, etc.  Take that imagined event you craft above, focus on it, then CT the feelings that are not pleasant.  When clear, continue…
    • Begin to craft PP Statements that express or describe your skill and success in  that vision you crafted above, for example… I don't know the details of your vision, but let's say “Learning abilities” include a rapid expansion of new materials for this new venture, you might use something like this:

      “When I study _____________ I easily and confidently retain all I study”

    • [/list]What you do is build a vision of your attention… what you will be focusing on as you move forward and then use PP to aid your subconscious in coming on board.
      There are no “one size fits all” PP Statements that are best for you because they may not fit your True Vision… the Vision that inspires you and comes from your Mind… from your desires… desires and visions that no one else has because all of our desires, when they come from the Truth of Who We Are, are unique.

      This is all about letting what is Within you … out … allowing you to let your Truth be expressed in this world without reservation and when it comes from Truth, Doreed, it comes with Unconditional Love.

      Mai iloko mai!
      (That which is within matters)