Reply To: Myers Briggs Personality Type Development

Jeff Harding
PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

    Hi Nemo … when you say you wish to “develop non-preferences”; it appears that you wish to become more flexible in your approach, communication and responsiveness.  Does that resonate with your desire?

    If so… here are some thoughts… (these are a bit general because I do not know the specific nature of your challenges) …

    • First of all, my perception of the best use of Briggs-Meyer personality studies is to help you understand and, therefore, better relate to other individual's communication… whether verbal or non-verbal.  Keep in mind that if someone exhibits a particular personality type test ideal response is not necessarily in matching them in kind.

      With that said…

    • If you wish to become more flexible in the manner in which you respond to various situations then you must not be attached too intensively to any particular “personality.”
    • Let's say that you are exhibiting a particular personality type (call it “A”) quite easily and naturally, but there are other personality types that would would like to express in certain situations (let's call the other one “B”).  But, you just can't seem to respond in a “B” manner.

      Imagine responding in that particular manner and if there are uncomfortable feelings… negative emotions surrounding it … look to use the Click Tracks (CT) on those feelings along with that imagined scenario.  You may also recall memories where you could not perform or respond that certain way and you have negative a feeling about it; so CT that memory with that feeling.

    • Beliefs are another aspect affecting your ability to respond in certain ways.  Take the characteristics of that unfamiliar personality and express those characteristics in PSTEC Positive (PP) Sentences.  For example, if you wish to respond more intuitively, you could craft a PP Sentence that expresses that, for example, “I find it easier each day to listen and follow my intuition” … that example is a bit general but a good start.  If you can apply that to specific situations, it will give your subconscious more “to grasp onto.”

      Which brings me to one of my main points…

    • You mentioned struggles in your work and personal life … observe those specific situations and use those struggling situations to expose your specific emotional barriers as well as limiting beliefs and behaviors.

      So, if there is a strong personality at work that gives you difficulty, look at the emotional barriers that are causing you discomfort and CT those until they are close to 0-1 and then consider using PP to begin to suggest to your subconscious on how to react to that particular personality.

    • [/list]We engage in misunderstandings when communication breaks down and breakdowns are more likely when we are attached to certain perceptions, outcomes or methods.
      Use the PSTEC Tools to become less emotionally attached to a “certain way of life” or certain methods, especially when they are limiting.
      Aloha nui!