Reply To: PSTEC for Complex PTSD

Dr Steve Price

    It's important to recognise that the symptom clusters associated with Complex PTSD vary from person to person at a very unique level both in terms of scope and severity with some held in deeper parts of the subconscious and some within conscious memory. The safety issue lies in the ability of an individual to assimilate and reduce emotional pain in a manner that is safe and comfortable. The re-regulation of the APH axis and associated neural protection mechanisms is something that may require a little time to accommodate because it involves the growth of new neural tissues and pathways and any claim otherwise would have to be viewed with caution.  I would further suggest that the individuals context in relation to family and partners has to be understood especially if they have been or are in a narcissistically abusive relationship. Substance misuse likewise. Self-protection is the byword here and the therapeutic process needs to involve the development of insights, strategies and tools for self managed recovery. In other words, gently does it.