Reply To: PSTEC for Complex PTSD

Dr Steve Price

Hi All

Since my last post, I have had some correspondence with other PSTEC users and one of the themes that has cropped up is how we get to understand where to take ourselves. For many it would seem to be hard to reach certain issues and in some cases they have described an 'approach avoid' block where things hit an internal barrier. Another phenomenon described is where people can become fearful of the consequences of change even when they 'know' it will be worthwhile.

I like to describe these feelings as part of an 'ecology' of recovery.

Here, then, are a few generic links that I find useful inasmuch that they can help with background knowledge and directional understanding, some are longer than others and I would recommend surfing over them and see if any find a resonance.

Dr Gabor Mate

Emotional basis of cognition

Attachment, Disease and Addiction

Family Systems therapy

Exploratory Life Coaching

Tips on toxic shame

Stefan Molyneux:

Society, Neurobiology and what we need to learn as a species



Stress management outline

Emotional Freedom with Brad Yates (Easy Meridian 'Therapy')

I'd be very interested to hear what people think and am always happy to correspond.

Best wishes to all